About Us

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Hello!  My name is emmanuel ojo also known as king Emvido, and I made this website just  for you. 

You can message me on [email protected]

Well I create this site just for the sake of my knowledge of how to make Money online,  and we will expand soon on the entertainment industry

Emvidowealth.com is an all round Entertainment website and helping people website that’s bring YOU all the latest In how to make money online,news,music,technology and information you Need to know.

 my passion for helping people make the best financial decisions possible by making money,  and growing their ways of passive income,

Showing you trending stuff happening arround you

Am still a undergraduate but with no money in the bank and no popularity to my name, then I knew that in order to get to where I wanted to be in life, I would need to refine my approach to finances.

So I spent days  nights, weekends, and any other free time I could find researching the best ways to make money. I decided to launch Emvidowealth.com  as a way to help as many people financially as I can, and to teach or educate as much as I can but indeed i will not stop here my main goal is to create a income platform for  Nigerians and the  world as a whole

I no you might be wondering ham from Nigeria .

I hope you enjoy your time here on  Emvidowealth.com.  Let’s thrive together!