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Emvidowealth  is a wide range of information and entertainment website in which we bring different forms through different channels absolutely free to her numerous followers and visitors from all across the world especially Africa and the US.

Not mentioning what we are planing to do for our website visitors in order for them to not only download free songs and movie but also earn money for just visiting this site, we are working on it once it’s done we will let you guys know and we are also going to include a free file host/sharing in the future, as you may know These services are far from cheap to run and maintain.

Over the years, we have generated revenue from banner and text advertising till it got to a point were we got banned for posting movie content but for the love we have for you guys we did not stop there we continue running this site at our own risk, ever since the ban revenue was no longer enough. So We decided to add the pop-up advert option and it has been (and is still) sustaining our services. So sorry for the issue of pop-ups we are planning to remove that soon but we need your help to execute all our plans.

Meanwhile visitors have always kicked against us using pop-up adverts which we are very aware how annoyingly intrusive they are but we have to keep the wheel running.

To this end, we have decided to try crowdfunding (Donations).

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how does that affect me?

We are now looking to generate money from even the smallest contributions from our esteemed visitors. Which includes, YOU.

Isn’t your Pop-up Revenue enough for you?

Yes, the pop-up revenue is enough but we’re looking to dump them entirely if we can get enough non-pop-up related revenue (which will include donations) to cover the running cost and of course, make a living for the team who work round the clock to keep  Emvidowealth and other related services running and updated.

Kindly Ask yourself this Question

Do you like what you see here if the answers is yes kindly Do the needful below!

how do i donate?

At this time, we have the following available accounts,

1. Bitcoin




3. XRP






5. Tron


6. Payoneer

([email protected])

In case you need more option you can kindly send a mail to [email protected]

We appreciate every penny.