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Are you in search on how to make money on your blog by monetizing it through an ad network aside Google Adsense? Did you got banned by google Adsense. Then search no further as this article will solve your problems.

As a blogger or website owner, we all are conversant with Google Adsense who pays on the 21st of each month. However, there are a host of all other ad networks out there which are legit and they pay their users on specified dates of each month.


Google Adsense is the first ad network which comes to the mind of web owners whenever they seek to make money from their website through an ad network. However, the importance to be aware of other ad network is very important as they also pay well when you keep to their terms and conditions.

New websites often find it difficult to thrive under Google Adsense and that it why it is best that you try out other ad networks. The reason why it is difficult to thrive under Google Adsense as an emerging website is due to low traffic.

Also, it is also very difficult to get an approval message when you apply to Adsense due to their strict policy and they may even go as far as blocking and suspending you when you fail to keep to their rules and regulations.

The other adsense alternatives I will be listing also have their rules and regulations but they are not as strict as Google Adsense and they are worth trying if you are having problems with adsense. They include:

1. Pop Ads

This is an old but legit ad network you can try out today. It is also regarded as the best ad network for small publishers of websites because they specifically have no least traffic you can get before you get approved.

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This ad network can be used in any website or blogs which have different niches. When you sign up for Pop Ads, the next and important thing to do is to set up an auto-withdrawal option. Through this way, you will be automatically paid when you finally reach the minimum payout threshold.

Pop Ads has a lot of advantages attached to it. One is that it has large CPM rates more than other ad networks. Furthermore, the minimum payout is $5 and that is why a minimum traffic is not required. Pop Ads is easy to sign up and get approved. Try out Pop Ads today and you will be glad you did so.

2. Chitika


No doubt, this is also one of the highly rated ad networks asides Google Adsense. I have quite an experience with this ad network and I truly enjoyed my time with them. In the past while I used Chitika as my ad network, I received tons of payment for different months I had worked with them when I had problem with my adsense. Chitika as an ad network is easy and not complicated to use.
In addition, no amount of minimum traffic is required to make use of it. Make sure you strive to get good amount of traffic if you want to succeed in Chitika. Payment is every month when the payment threshold is reached and payment is also based on traffic.

3. Media.net

This ad network is similar to that of Google Adsense. Media.net also works for Bing and Yahoo. The ad network has almost about 500 employees. They are situated around Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, Bangalore and also Mumbai.

Media.net is also an high paying ad network as like Google Adsense and that is why I earlier stated that it is very similar to Google Adsense. Their approval requirement is as strict as that of adsense and that is why it is also very highly rated. Their reply to your sign up comes after at least 2 days because they will have to take a good look at your website or blog critically
before approving you to be a publisher.

4. Infolinks

Newbies in the blogging world should be familiar with this ad network as an alternative to Google Adsense. In the modern world, Infolinks is one of the largest online ad network. It operates in over 128 countries including Nigeria while providing the best for her publishers who choose to make use of them.

Inflolinks is very safe and reliable to make use of, and they also pay their publishers on the stipulated agreed date for payment. Also, new bloggers can make use of it because it is easy to operate and there is no set up fee when signing up. In order to use Infolinks, you must have a minimum page visitors which you will find out when you want to sign up.


5. Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits according to those who have made use of it, is a very different ad networks than others. As other ad networks pays for impressions or clicks, Revenue Hits will not pay you for that. Revenue Hits only pays its publishers when a click is turned into motion. This is how Revenue Hits pays its publishers – The publishers places an ad code on their website or blog, when a visitor clicks on the ads or includes his or her email, then the publishers will get paid.

Meanwhile, there is a huge benefit that comes with this strict rule. They can pay as high as $120 for each click that turns into motion. They pay their publishers with a minimum payout rule of $50. Payment is received by the publishers through PayPal, Payoneer. Revenue Hits has high CPAQ rate. Also remember that COC or CPM is not needed in Revenue Hits.


6. Amazon Display Ads

This ad network did not become popular amongst bloggers and website owners until late 2017. It is actually an affiliate program that serves also an ad network. They deal basically with CPM and it is also included in the native shopping ads recently. This is also one of the best alternatives if you are in search for something different from adsense.


The best alternatives for adsense are listed above. Adsense may be the most popular ad network but there are alternatives for it which may even be regarded as the best for you if you try out any of them today. Now that you are informed, why not pass this information to a blogger or a website owner for awareness.

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